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Practiced in China and other Asian countries for thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the key components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM places great emphasis on treating the whole person. It is safe, effective and strengthens the vital energy of the body, mind and spirit to promote health, restore balance and sharpen clarity.

Throughout its long history, acupuncture has excelled at integrating all aspects of the body to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain and dysfunction and balance a wide range of disease patterns.

According to Chinese Medical Theory, a natural flow of vital energy (called “Qi”) travels throughout the body and regulates the hormonal, nervous, immune, circulatory, reproductive and musculature systems.  The natural flow of energy can be disrupted by a variety of factors including anxiety, stress, poor nutrition, inadequate sleep, excessive work, infections, toxins and traumas which may lead to imbalances and dysfunction.

Acupuncture supports the body’s natural ability to restore health and promote wellbeing.  This process is encouraged by inserting fine needles into specific areas along the 12 channels of energy that systematically flow to organs and tissues throughout the body.

Our goal as acupuncturists is to evaluate the body’s energy patterns and re-establish the natural flow of Qi.  With ongoing treatments, acupuncture has the potential for deep transformation and can help us achieve an optimal state of health and awareness.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique that is often used to help facilitate the movement of blood in the muscle tissue. It is extremely effective for primarily pain management but also for other conditions such as PMS and certain cases of infertility.

Glass cups are placed in specific areas on the body and are left there for up to ten minutes.

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Chinese herbal medicines fill an important need in modern healthcare. They assist the inner healing capacity of the body to effectively treat a wide range of diseases. Traditional herbal formulas have been shown to be safe and effective over many years of clinical experience and research both in China and America.

Chinese herbal formulas are traditionally brewed into tea from raw herbs. Your practitioner will custom blend a formula based on your constitution and energetic balance. Herbs also come in the form of tinctures, tablets or granules, whatever is comfortable and convenient.